American Defense Network plans launch in July of 2017

American Defense Network plans launch in July of 2017

The American Defense Network (ADnet) has been in the planning phase for two years now and is about to become a reality with the launch of the new organization's website at

The first objectives will be to make sure the new site works well and to begin organizing Americans as donors, volunteers, and e-mail alert recipients supporting ADnet. We will need to raise immediate funds for our launch to cover the expenses of this website, our e-mail distribution, letterhead and envelopes, our tax status application fee ($800), phone line, and other costs associated with creating a new and influential national organization.

ADnet is filing applications to become a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that focuses on public education campaigns and research regarding some of the most important issues facing America and Americans in 2017.

Many of the issues ADnet plans to research and raise public awareness and engagement on include the impact of legal and illegal immigration on American workers and taxpayers, the national debt, foreign influences on US policy makers and policies, product safety, mental and physical health issues and costs, Constitutionally protected freedoms and rights, and much more.

This new organization will be led by William Gheen, who is known nationally for his work through Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, Rosanne Sinatra, who is a North Carolina activist, and Ron Woodard of NC Listen. There will be a board of advisors made up of American researchers, activists, and leaders representing concerns that are vital to America's defense against enemies foreign and domestic.

The American public deserves access to accurate information relevant to our nation's security and defense, and the American Defense Network will be comprised of Americans representing all races, walks of life, and American states that want to play a role in building a stronger America.

Please support our efforts by using this new website to become a contributor, a volunteering, and by joining our free e-mail alerts!

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