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The militant leftist group ANTIFA is calling for its members to firebomb the campaign "Deportation Bus" of a Republican candidate for Governor in Georgia who wants to call attention to his tough stance against illegal immigration. This call for political violence is an attack on the civil rights of all Americans, and the American Defense Network (ADnet) is calling on US citizens to unite against this new left-wing KKK imitating group called ANTIFA. ADnet believes federal and state authorities should arrest ANTIFA members who call for any political violence immediately.

ADnet releases position on Gun Rights & Second Amendment

Just in time for the November 28 Giving Day #GivingTuesday the organization American Defense Network (ADnet) has received a letter from the IRS announcing the new group qualifies as a 501(c)(3) and a public charity.

This non-profit status allows donors maximum privacy and their contributions are tax deductible under IRC section 170.

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